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Our Inspiration

About us

The liquor smugglers who raged during American prohibition from 1917 to 1935 were called “Bootlegger”. The advent of prohibition also saw the birth of a large number of underground bars, also called “Speakeasy”, hidden bars. The Bootleggers have played an important role in the distribution and provisioning of these secret and festive places.

Awesome. Great Cocktails customized to your whims, perfect service, live blues & swing band... worth the trip to Montreal, any time!

Nicolas Moral

Gem of prohibition style venues in Montreal. Very nice decor. The selection of spirits is amazing. Very helpful staff. Mixologist Frederick is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate. Highly recommend!

Robert-Paul Juster

One of the most consistently dope spots. #lecypher thursdays are an absolute must for anyone visiting the city! World class whiskey and scotch selection, best old fashion in town with excellent music and friendly staff. Cozy interior and old school feel make bootlegger an excellent option for a night out!

Antoine-Samuel Mauffette Alavo
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Our creation


All our cocktails are designed and developed by our team. We use only the best products and all syrups are homemade

White Satin

Amer, Sec & Fleurale Fiol Prosecco, Luxardo Bianco, Lillet, Vermouth Rouge Gorge Blanc Infusion Butterfly Pea Tea & Scrappy Bitter Lavande

Ocean Side

Épicé, Légèrement Amer & Acid Tequila infusée au Thym, Luxardo Aperitivo, Sirop Gingembre Maison, Bitter Dillon & Hella Bitter

Bed Of Roses

Fleurale, Doux, Fruité & Légèrement Acidulé Rhum Plantation Dark, Puré Maison de Pomme Grenade, Zeste de Citron, Vin Rouge & Bitter Black Cloud Rose des Prairies

Valentine des Bois

Doux, Fruité, Frais & Une Finale Forestière Gin, Chambord, Chartreuse Jaune, Jus de Lime Frais, Bitter Ms. Better Bitter & Mousse


Sec, Acid & Épicé Cocalero, Vodka, Lillet, Sirop de Gingembre Maison & Jus de Lime Frais

Lady in Green

Anissé, Végétal, amer & Acid Absente Infusé au Concombre, Luxardo Bianco, Sirop Maison de Thé Lavande Maison & Jus de Lime Frais

Purple Rain

Fruité & Rafraichissant Vodka, St-Germain, Absinthe, Bleuet, Jus de Lime Frais, Bitter Kinsip Hibiscus, Menthe & Blanc d’œuf


Herbal, Acid & Fleural Cocalero, Jus de Lime Maison, Sirop Simple, Blanc D’œuf & Concentré d’Hibiscus


Fumé, Amer & Une Touche de Tabac Black Bottle Blended Scotch, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Sirop Simple, Angostura Bitter & Fumée de Cigare

Our live entertainment


The establishment on boulevard St-Laurent is also a “Live Venue”, hosting several varied shows during the week. Our calendar features whiskey tastings, comedy shows, Blues shows, Jazz, Hip-Hop, funk, Swing shows, conference evenings and much more.


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Bar Bootlegger,

3481 St Laurent Blvd 2F, Montreal, Quebec H2X 2T6

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