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Evaluation The Arran Port Cask

The Arran Port Cask

01- Nose: Forest fruity and sweet profiles with earthy notes. The nose offers a slightly salty tang, and winey perfume

02- Palate: Cereal notes are still present giving you the spiciness, hints of toffee or chocolate. Mature and sophisticated, this is a highly distinguished dram.

03- Finale: Long and lingering of fruit and aged oak. The after-taste leaves behind flavours of chocolate and walnuts.

General impression A bold, sweet Port finish from Arran, released in late 2010 as part of the downsized standard offering from the distillery now that their malt is fully mature. Bottled at 50%, so some water may be preferred. Though the Cask Finish line of single malts from Arran lack an age statement, the whisky does age 8 years, more or less, in ex-bourbon casks before then aging in the wine cask, in this case, it is port. They are all bottled at 100 proof and are un-chill-filtered are not peated.


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