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Les Flâneurs

FR: Les Flâneurs (Harlan Johnson, Bill Gossage, Guillaume Jabbour) transmits a sound inspired by the Cajun and Creole traditions of Louisiana, juxtaposed with their own compositions and arrangements. This Quebecois band is aware of the evolution of French-speaking music in America from old ballads to country, Cajun and Zydeco tones. The music of Les Flâneurs reflects the festive and warm atmosphere of these French-speaking traditions. Let’s go dancing!

ENG: Les Flâneurs is a Quebec band that plays music rooted in the rich Cajun and Creole traditions of south-west Louisiana. The band’s sound travels between ballads, two-steps and waltzes influenced by country, Cajun and Zydeco music. Celebrating North American francophone music, Les Flâneurs have created a sound that is true to that of southwest Louisiana while emulating regional influences, especially in their original compositions and arrangements. Let’s go dancing!

For almost two decades, Grouyan Gombo, founded by accordionist and songwriter Harlan Johnson, has performed on multiple stages across Canada. In 1997, the disc “Betsy Stomp” by Grouyan Gombo was finalist for the album of the year by a group from outside Louisiana by the Cajun Music Association of Louisiana and in 2015 their second disc “Pouyaille” received a nomination for the disc of the year at the Gala Lys Blues. Guitarist Guillaume Jabbour and Harlan Johnson met in 2010 when Guillaume joined the Grouyan Gombo group. Since that time, the two have lived several musical adventures together and respectively. Seven years later, here they are back with a new group to pay tribute to the music of Louisiana, which they perform unpretentiously, with great warmth and rhythm. A new addition to this musical circle, Bill Gossage, well known on the Montreal scene and regularly on tour across Canada with La Montagne Secrète, brings a fresh ear and knowledge rooted in the tradition of Irish fiddlers.
Come share with Les Flâneurs the love of music that has survived the cultural displacement of one and that undergoes a constant evolution that is worth celebrating!

For nearly two decades, Grouyan Gombo, founded by accordionist and songwriter Harlan Johnson, rocked Canadian stages. In 1997 Grouyan Gombo’s cd “Betsy Stomp” was named runner up by The Cajun French Music Association for best release from outside Louisiana and in 2015 their album “Pouyaille” received a Lys Blues album of the year nomination. Guitarist Guillaume Jabbour and Harlan Johnson first came together in 2010 when Guillaume teamed up with Grouyan Gombo. Numerous musical adventures, and years later, they again join forces, presenting original and traditional tunes that pay homage to the rich musical legacy of south west Louisiana. Today the band features a sound that is direct, warm and groove focused, bridging the traditional and contemporary strains of a rich genre. Of late, the circle of Les Flâneurs has opened to feature a third element: the fiddle of Bill Gossage. With a musical culture that spans diverse styles while drawing upon deep roots in the Irish fiddle vernacular, Bill has long been a reputed member of the Montreal music community. He is also known across Canada for his work with the francophone Saskatchewan formation La Montagne Secrète. Louisiana Cajun culture has been recognized for its ability to resist, persist and celebrate life despite adversity.
We invite you to join Les Flâneurs in experiencing a rich and evolving musical language.


Harlan JohnsonAccordion
Bill GossageViolin
Guillaume JabbourGuitar


Guillaume Jabbour

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