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FR: Les Flâneurs (Harlan Johnson, Bill Gossage, Guillaume Jabbour) transmits a sound inspired by the Cajun and Creole traditions of Louisiana, juxtaposed with their own compositions and arrangements. This Quebecois band is aware of the evolution of French-speaking music in America from old ballads to country, Cajun and Zydeco tones. The music of Les Flâneurs reflects the festive and warm

Frisco Lee is a bilingual Montreal born-and-raised musician who’s been anchored in the underground music scene for almost a decade. Hailing from the suburbs and armed with a blues background, he began playing the bar circuits and hosting the Bar de Courcelle open mic, lending his talents to a slew of bands and unique songwriters. A couple of years ago,

The Stringcut Quartet is a jazz / swing / gypsy band made up of four musicians passionate about jazz and everything that revolves around this complex and enchanting music. These young virtuosos interpret as many gypsy standards as bebop classics, all of course with flavor and under the influence of Django Reinhart! members NameInstrument(s)Hugo LeclercClarinet / saxophone / singTommy PoirierGuitarFrancis VervillGuitarJordan LoveysBass Contact Hugo

Martin Goyette is first and foremost an extraordinary voice characterized by a song as powerful as it is scratchy. The singer seduces the audience with his raucous and enveloping "instrument" worthy of the great names of blues and jazz. Passionate about blues and jazz but also funk and soul, it is in these different styles that he propels his impulses.

De Montréal, Endrick & The Sandwiches joue un rock blues nerveux. Endrick est un chanteur, guitariste et harmoniciste qui a de l'énergie à revendre. Il jette un regard neuf sur le style, tout en prenant ses influences cinglantes (John Lee hooker, Lightnin ’hopkins, Paul Butterfield, John Mayall). Avec ses copains, il aime vous servir un blues qui évite à tout

Led by bassist and composer Alex Lefaivre and featuring various guest musicians, the YUL trio presents a mix of original compositions, jazz standards and popular songs. The modern style of the group mixes several musical aesthetics ranging from hip-hop, rock, world music and swing with a surprising repertoire that is constantly in rotation. You can hear the complete "A Love

Backwater Township is a jazz trio based in Montreal, QC that consists of Corey Thomas (Bass), Olivier Turner (Guitar), and Vitta Morales (Drums). The music composed by Corey Thomas is a tribute to his experiences as a Mi'kmaq artist in his home community of Gesgapegiag, and his continuing journey as an urban Indigenous musician in Montreal. Since forming in 2018,

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