The Camelcohols, c’est simple : cinq jeunes hommes qui adorent jouer du blues et faire la fête. Le but premier dans la création du groupe, fondé par le chanteur-harmoniciste Gabriel Hernandez-Gagnon et le batteur Alexis Fréchette, c’est d’avoir du plaisir en jouant du blues et faire danser les gens. Le groupe a ensuite grandi en accueillant Olivier Turner à la basse

Le quatuor Mojo Vipers est à la fois un band de blues et un ensemble de jazz. Leur musique captivante tire son inspiration, entre autres, de Little Walter, Charles Mingus, Mose Alison, Sun Ra, T-Bone Walker et Louis Jordan. members NameInstrument(s)John KerkhovenHarmonica et voixPaul SerralheiroGuitare et voixStephen BarryContrebasse et voixEloi BertholetBatterie Contact John Kerkhoven 514 937-7202

Backwater Township is a jazz trio based in Montreal, QC that consists of Corey Thomas (Bass), Olivier Turner (Guitar), and Vitta Morales (Drums). The music composed by Corey Thomas is a tribute to his experiences as a Mi'kmaq artist in his home community of Gesgapegiag, and his continuing journey as an urban Indigenous musician in Montreal. Since forming in 2018,

Toronto/Montreal-based Carolyn Fe offers up the Blues and Jazz in all its shades, full band or acoustic duo/trio setup. Her shows are highly charged with emotions. Carolyn Fe’s performances are best appreciated in speakeasy-type environments where the audiences can tune to her lyrics that tell stories; original material and cover songs are offered up with a special touch bringing the

Frisco Lee is a bilingual Montreal born-and-raised musician who’s been anchored in the underground music scene for almost a decade. Hailing from the suburbs and armed with a blues background, he began playing the bar circuits and hosting the Bar de Courcelle open mic, lending his talents to a slew of bands and unique songwriters. A couple of years ago,

Martin Goyette is first and foremost an extraordinary voice characterized by a song as powerful as it is scratchy. The singer seduces the audience with his raucous and enveloping "instrument" worthy of the great names of blues and jazz. Passionate about blues and jazz but also funk and soul, it is in these different styles that he propels his impulses.

Montreal based, Off the Hook Blues Band covers a lot of musical ground, but never strays far from the warm bluesy tones of yesteryear.This blues quartet made up of bassist Jean-Sébastien Clement, guitarist Bernie Yeo, Francis Laliberté on drums, with Mike Zablotsky on guitar and vocals. For close to a 10-years, Off the Hook has been putting their efforts into

De Montréal, Endrick & The Sandwiches joue un rock blues nerveux. Endrick est un chanteur, guitariste et harmoniciste qui a de l'énergie à revendre. Il jette un regard neuf sur le style, tout en prenant ses influences cinglantes (John Lee hooker, Lightnin ’hopkins, Paul Butterfield, John Mayall). Avec ses copains, il aime vous servir un blues qui évite à tout

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