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Artiste Alex Lefaivre

Alex Lefaivre

Led by bassist and composer Alex Lefaivre and featuring various guest musicians, the YUL trio presents a mix of original compositions, jazz standards and popular songs. The modern style of the group mixes several musical aesthetics ranging from hip-hop, rock, world music and swing with a surprising repertoire that is constantly in rotation. You can hear the complete « A Love Supreme » by John Coltrane, « Jolene » by Dolly Parton and the theme of « Bibi and Geneviève » in the same set. With a sound very accessible for newbies as well as a sophisticated and virtuoso approach to satisfy the « hardcore » jazz fans, this is the ideal group to spend a Sunday evening in good company in the best bar in Montreal.


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Alex Lefaivre

514 686-8407

Bar Bootlegger,

3481 St Laurent Blvd 2e Étage, Montréal, Québec H2X 2T6

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